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Carmel & Pebble Beach Real Estate December Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We finally had some rain! Two separate storm fronts in the last month, and even a multi-day storm expected to roll in tomorrow. All I can say is we NEEDED it. With some of our water well tests coming back over the Summer at less than positive numbers, we could use some help with the local water table. Anything to push those raw land deals along!

This past Friday evening, Carmel held the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, and after one of the longest droughts on record, it was completely rained out in one of the most torrential downpours I’ve seen in a long time. Upon arrival, we ran across the street, already soaked to the bone, and bought the first celebratory umbrella we could find. The rain let up right as it was time to light the tree, and by then most people had scattered into the nearby restaurants and bars to take cover. We caught the tail end of the commencement Christmas song by Myles Williams on the mic, and then darted through the Wells Fargo parking lot to local favorite restaurant, Tommy’s Wok, to meet friends and family. I’ve never seen it so crowded! We wrapped up the evening at Boucheè, which is a great fine dining French restaurant off of Ocean on Mission Street. Highly recommend.

Real estate-wise, Carmel and Pebble Beach slowed down a bit for the holidays. We historically get our typical flurry of business from about the week after Thanksgiving through the week leading up to Christmas. It feels like that is happening a little bit again this year. Then things slowly pick up again after the New Year.

Some exciting news: Ryan Melcher Properties is rolling out the most robust, state-of-the-art digital advertising in our area. We’re getting an all new face lift, multiple new websites directed at each area to showcase your home to buyers in Silicon Valley, SF, Southern CA, Texas, New York and New England, Fresno, and overseas to name a few! We now have a full-time digital marketing team on staff to provide a totally customizable solution to get your properties in front of the most buyers. This is unique to Ryan Melcher Properties and not to any other team or agency in town! Without giving away all our secrets, just know that your family and friends that you refer to us next year will be in the best hands in town, and we appreciate all your continued support. Happy Holidays and here’s to a smashing end to 2014!

As always, please think of us if you or a friend needs representation. We subsist almost entirely upon referrals from you. Please scroll down for market activity by area.


Ryan & Team

Carmel Real Estate

Carmel real estate inventory is currently at 139 homes, with 40 total completed transactions during the month of November.

Pebble Beach Real Estate

Pebble Beach real estate inventory is currently at 60 available homes, with a total of 6 completed transactions during the month of November.

Carmel Valley Real Estate

Carmel Valley real estate inventory is currently at 44 available homes, with a total of 5 completed transactions during the month of November.

Carmel Highlands real estate

Carmel Highlands real estate inventory is currently at 9 available homes, with a total of 9 completed transactions during the month of November.

Disclaimer: The numbers and activity represented in this report were drawn directly from the MLS, the California Association Of Realtors, Freddie Mac and other sources, and are generally accepted as correct but are subject to change and/or mistakes.


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